Monday, August 13, 2007

Taylor Ridge Vineyard Grape Varieties

Red Varieties

Cabernet Franc: Produces an aromatic red wine that is softer than Cabernet Sauvignon. A vinifera variety used as one of the grapes in Red Bordeaux.

Chambourcin: Makes a good red but also makes a good blush wine. It ages well.

Concord: One of the oldest American varieties. It makes a strong flavored foxy wine, which is sometimes made dry but usually sweet.

Dechaunac: Makes a wine reminiscent of some Italian wines.

Foch: Produces a fruity red table wine with a distinctive varietal flavor. Good acid: sugar balance.

Frontenac: Produces a full bodied wine which is especially good for blending with Dechaunac or Foch.

GR-7: Another New York State Hybrid. It makes darker red wines and it has a good tannin structure.

Landot 4511: Reminiscent of Beaujolais. Similar to Foch in ripening.

Leon Millot: This wine has a distinct berry aroma. It is a sister variety of Foch.

Noiret: Produces wine with notes of green and black pepper and raspberry. Good tannin.

White Varieties

Cayuga White: Can be made either into a semi-sweet wine emphasizing its fruity aromas or dry for a less fruity wine.

Chardonnel: This grape is a cross of Seyval and Chardonnay with hints of Chardonnay character.

Chardonnay: The premier French white wine grape, which is used in making Chablis or white burgundy. It is also a part of the champagne blend in France.

Espirit: Wine has a mildly fruity flavor.

Lacrescent: The wine has a distinct apricot flavor with good aromatics and blends with more neutral whites. (First crop probably in 2008)

LaCrosse: This is a versatile wine grape, which can be made dry but also makes a good semi dry wine. Wine has good body and can improve body of lighter wines.

Muscat Ottonel: A true European Muscat grape that can make a rich dessert wine.

Niagara: A floral wine with a unique flavor. One of the oldest American varieties, it is also used in American champagnes.

Reliance: Produces high sugars and makes a rich tasting wine.

Seyval: This grape is the mainstay of the hybrid white wines in Michigan. It can be made dry or semi-sweet and blends well with LaCrosse.

St. Pepin: This grape is a hybrid of Seyval and makes an excellent sweet wine.

Traminette: A Gew├╝rztraminer hybrid wine having a spicy quality reminiscent of the Gew├╝rztraminer parent.

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