Sunday, September 6, 2009


What do you need to make homemade wine?

Most of the required equipment will already be available in your kitchen, but there are some thing that you will probably need to buy like preservative (sulfur dioxide), a water seal, a fermentation container, siphon and yeast. You can buy these things new at a home brew store, your local department store or online. They are usually part of a wine making kit. But when you do not know if you are going to like it to make homemade wine it is also an option to buy used equipment online.

A very basic description of a wine making process

It all depends on the recipe you are going to follow, when you buy a wine making kit we advise you to use the recipe that comes in the box. If you are going to do without a kit, we advise you to look online for a good recipe. In general the process of how to make homemade wine goes as follows:

Make sure you have all the ingredients like wine grapes, yeast, wheat, eggs and sugar. (follow your recipe)and crush the washed grapes in an earthen jar with lid.  The egg whites need to be whipped.
Add all the ingredients, the sugar and the egg whites to the grapes, stir and close the lid tightly.
Stir the contents daily for three weeks and make sure you close the lid every day.
Then let the mixture stand for three weeks without stirring, strain the clear wine with a nylon cloth

Very important tip: sanitation

Every website you will read, every book you buy, every recipe that will come with a kit to make homemade wine, will stress the importance of sanitation because a single bacteria can ruin your whole batch of wine. And you will have done all this hard work for nothing. Not only the ingredients should be treated as clean as you can but also the utensils and the work space where you make homemade wine.

The webmaster does not use egg whites in his own wine making.  Readers opinions are welcome.

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