Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Varieties and Price List

Red Varieties
Cabernet Franc: Produces an aromatic red wine that is softer than Cabernet Sauvignon.
Chambourcin: Makes a good red but also makes a good blush wine. It ages well.
Concord: One of the oldest American varieties. It makes a flavored foxy wine.
DeChaunac: Makes a wine reminiscent of some Italian wines.
Foch: Produces a fruity red table wine with a distinctive varietal flavor. Good acid: sugar balance.
Frontenac: Produces a full bodied wine which is especially good for blending with Dechaunac or Foch.
GR-7 Another New York State Hybrid. It makes darker red wines and it has a good tannin structure.
Landot 4511: Reminiscent of Beaujolais. Similar to Foch in ripening.
Leon Millot: This wine has a distinct berry aroma. It is a sister variety of Foch.
Noiret: Produces wine with notes of green and black pepper and raspberry. Good tannin
Sabrevois: A complex red wine with good tannins.
Red Varieties
Price per gallon
Price/pound picked


Cabernet Franc
Red Blend (Hybrids)
2 or more hybrids varieties of our choice
Noiret (NY 73)
Landot 4511
Leon Millot

White Varieties

Cayuga White: Can be made either into a semi-sweet wine emphasizing its fruity aromas or dry for a less fruity wine. Wines are pleasant and Germanic in style.
Chardonnel: This grape is a cross of Seyval and Chardonnay with hints of Chardonnay character.
Chardonnay: The premier French white wine grape, which is used in making Chablis or white burgundy.
Espirit: Wine has a mildly fruity flavor.
La Crosse: This is a versatile wine grape, which can be made dry but also makes a good semi dry wine.
Muscat Otonel: A true European Muscat grape that can make a rich dessert wine.
Niagara: A floral wine with a unique flavor. One of the oldest American varieties, it is also used in American champagnes.
Reliance: Produces high sugars and makes a rich tasting wine.
Seyval: This grape is the mainstay of the hybrid white wines in Michigan. Blends well with LaCrosse.
St. Pepin: This grape is a hybrid of Seyval and makes an excellent sweet wine.
Traminette: A Gew├╝rztraminer hybrid wine having a spicy quality similar to Gew├╝rztraminer.
Vignoles: Makes either a dry or slightly sweet wine. Has a distinct varietal flavor.
Frontenac Gris Wine has a peach flavor and tropical fruit undertones.
La Crescent This wine has a distinct apricot-like flavor with good aromatics
Brianna: Wines are made semi-sweet and have a pineapple flavor
Riesling: The great wine of the Rhine valley.
Valvin Muscat: An aromatic wine with floral notes

White Varieties
Price per Gallon

La Crescent

La Crosse

Seyval Blanc


White Blend (Hybrids)
Our choice of French hybrids
St. Pepin




Muscat Otonel



Cayuga White

Frontenac Gris

Seyval/LaCrosse/La Crescent blend



Valvin Muscat

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