Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Taylor Ridge Vineyards Aug 19, 2013

3843 105th Ave. cell: 269-491-1512
Allegan, MI 49010 home: 269-521-4047
Web Site: Come check us out!!!

Volume Discount: 2% for 40 gallons or more; 4% for 100 gallons or more.
Early Order Discount: Orders received by Sept.2, 3%-either by phone, e-mail or postmarked
Supplies: We continue to stock basic wine supplies: yeast, sulfite, bubblers, carboys, hydrometers, various corks and closures, winemaking books, and 5 gal. plastic transporter jugs

Vineyard Management: In order to assure the best quality grapes, we do considerable hand labor including combing and removing leaves. Our grapes are hand-picked, crushed, pressed and immediately chilled to 35 degrees. This cold stabilization process acts as a natural filter and removes much of the sediment.

Crop Outlook for 2013
Harvest dates this year appear to be about average. Early varieties like Marquette, Reliance, Brianna and La Crescent will begin in early September. The late varieties like Cabernet Franc, Concord, and Noiret may be later than usual into the mid or late October. We have had one night of “beneficial” frost which helped to produce a more balanced crop. Overall, all varieties are available. La Crescent had a poor set due to rain during pollination so that crop is smaller. We have 8 days of warm weather this coming week that will be very beneficial to sugar production. Brix of some varieties taken on Aug. 18th: Marquette 17o, Reliance 16o, Foch 16o, DeChaunac 15o, Frontenac Gris 15o.

When you have decided what you would like to order, either call or e-mail us. We will then let you know when your order is ready. Remember that you must supply your own containers unless you let us know that you need to buy carboys or transporter containers from us. A 15% deposit is required to confirm an order of 30 gallons or more of a single variety. Please be sure to confirm that your order is ready by calling us before driving here. Please order the following varieties as soon as possible: Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Chardonnel, and Vignoles.

Storage If you order both early and late varieties it may not be possible to hold early grapes until late varieties are ripe. You should consider making two trips. This could be especially true this season.

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